Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Trending: High-tops!

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An old-school shoe trend that is not only stylish, but actually comfortable!!
So in love with the Marc Jacobs and Isabel Marant wedge high-tops!
As is everyone...
 Here are s
ome alternative options:


2. Ash
3. Karl
High-top sneakers - Cecci,(Hampton St).
Leather backpack - Cecci, (Hampton St).
Faux fur vest - Vintage.
Sleeveless button up shirt - Lady Phillips.
Leather pants - Topshop.
Feather and chain necklace - random boutique in QLD.
Bracelet - Cecci,(Hampton St).

Red Lipstick - Coco Rouge, Chanel.

With love, eMCee.XxXx

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Trending: Fur for Fall.


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Faux Fur Vest - my own creation: 'eMCee'.
 Hat - Vintage
Leather dress - Vintage
Scarf -
Gold ring - Cecci
Leather Fringe Bag -
Wedge boots - Topshop,Bangkok

One of the very few things I love about Winter - wearing faux fur!
With love, eMCee.XxXx

Monday, March 19, 2012

Grace Kelly: Style Icon.

So I went to the Grace Kelly Exhibiton in Bendigo on the weekend :-)
I walked away so inspired!! The garments and accessories on display were just amazing! Through photos that you may have seen of Princess Grace of Monaco, you cannot comprehend the amount of work that went into each and every entire outfit that she wore; From the dress, to the scarf, to the jewellery, to the headpiece, to the sunglasses, to the bag and always finished with the gloves!!
You certainly can't comprehend either, the beautiful detailing of the garments, because seeing it all up close was mind-blowing!
Christian Dior, Balenciaga, Chanel and Yves Saint Laurent are just a few of the featured designers at the Exhibition.

Grace Kelly (1929 - 1982), American Actress amd Princess of Monaco, was an absolutely stunning lady of style and grace (No pun intended!).
She didn't need fancy clothes to enhance her beauty... I actually think she looked the most incredible when she was in the simplest attire. 
She was famous for her casual and more basic looks, such as button up shirts with chinos and espadrilles.  

There was a compilation of films and footage of the Princess on show at the exhibition and after watching that, it is no surprise as to why she was so popular during her time.She was simply beautiful and it is so sad that her life ended so tragically in an unfortunate car accident when she was just 52 years of age.

The classic style of Grace Kelly will never date.
Below I have put together an outfit that is influenced by her style:

This is what I wore to the Exhibition;
My way of channeling a 'Grace Kelly' Style:

Top, Skirt, Belt and Bag - All Vintage. 
Brogues & Sunglasses - Prada. 
Necklace - Chanel.

The Gardens in Bendigo are so beautiful!!

With love, eMCee.XxXx