Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Trending: High-tops!

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An old-school shoe trend that is not only stylish, but actually comfortable!!
So in love with the Marc Jacobs and Isabel Marant wedge high-tops!
As is everyone...
 Here are s
ome alternative options:


2. Ash
3. Karl
High-top sneakers - Cecci,(Hampton St).
Leather backpack - Cecci, (Hampton St).
Faux fur vest - Vintage.
Sleeveless button up shirt - Lady Phillips.
Leather pants - Topshop.
Feather and chain necklace - random boutique in QLD.
Bracelet - Cecci,(Hampton St).

Red Lipstick - Coco Rouge, Chanel.

With love, eMCee.XxXx

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